Bears Not Bombs

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If you follow me on instagram at shaggykdm, you’ve probably seen the series with Buddha the Bear and my #bearsnotbombs tags. There is a story to it and I hope  that it might inspire you to join in.

I’m in my mid-thirties and I have teddy bears and other cuddlies (Stoner the sheep, Hello Kitty, a couple of other bears and pups). I am a firm believer in giving teddy bears to comfort others in their times of need, especially kids! There is a lot going on in this world and it makes me sad knowing that there is a kid out there who may not have a cuddle buddy to help them with their stress.

I’ve heard about the Israel/Palestine conflict, the Ebola outbreak in Africa and the crimes against people here in the U.S. for far too damn long. As the child of a retired inner city school teacher, I have heard the stories of those kids and their parents quite often and have always felt some sadness over not being able to help more.

Buddha was bought at a Kohl’s store in Albuquerque because he is a part of the Kohl’s Cares initiative. The initiative donates 100% of the profits from sales on Buddha and his friends to various organizations that helps kids. Find out more about the program at Kohl’s Cares. My friend/lil’ sis thought I was crazy at first, but now, she helps me find places to have Buddha chill at. He’s gone to fashion and art exhibits; hiking in the mountains; had coffee all over and hell, enjoyed pizza with me. He’s a talking point as people stare at me wondering why I carry a bear with me. He has even done a couple of fashion shoots. Check out Monica Duran to see if she still has the pic of them up together.

The reason the tag BearsNotBombs is used is because I would rather see groups drop teddy bears than bombs. Promote peace through the cuddlies instead of fear through metal and other things. I would rather see my money spent on teddy bears going into hospitals to give comfort. Books, bears and music give comfort to kids.

I’m asking you all, to get a teddy bear, photograph your bear (you can be in it too) and use the tag #bearsnotbombs. Let’s find a way to help kids around the world.

If you want to do something awesome, check out

Kohl’s Cares

St. Judes Hospital

Children’s Miracle Network

Make A Wish

Starlight Foundation

Red Cross/ Red Crescent

Toys For Tots


Ronald McDonald House

or… just look at Charity Navigator and find an organization.

Please, do what you can to promote peace via the sweet Teddy Bear! Buddha and I thank you!

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Much love, peace and harmony to you all! Jah Bless!

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