New Poem- Puzzle

This is my new poem, Puzzle. Please give feedback and enjoy.


A corner here,
A curved middle there,
This multi-K pieced thing,
We call life,
Has us all joyous and flustered,
At the same time.
Trying to make a complete image,
Difficult to do when there are:
Missing pieces,
Damaged pieces,
No-sense making pieces,
Non-properly fitting pieces,
All of it confusing us to hell.
Leading us
to denial,
to frustration,
Leaving us
Finally accepting,
It’s never truly complete,
Still weird when we die,
Yet we try,
To nearly have complete,
The puzzle,
We know as,
Our lives.

©KDM 2014

Thank you for reading! Much love, peace and joy to you all!

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