Taking the crazy road… Indiegogo is my friend.

Sometimes when you want to take something and make it big, you’ll find yourself looking at every option possible to do it. I’m taking that crazy road right now. I am working on my final degree requirement for grad school. It’s about how the colors and composition of an image speaks more about the image than the subject itself. This is the rough definition of visual rhetoric. I’m looking at how the lenses, films and flashes of Hipstamatic influences the image more than the subject.

Sure I could have just done a simple book and called it a day, but that is not my style. I want to bring these images to life and hope that they bring color to the world. So, I am using Indiegogo to fund the image printing. You can check out https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/visual-rhetoric-of-hipstamatic/x/1170885 to read all about it.

Here are three of the images that will be in the show.

IMG_53892014-07-31 06.22.52  IMG_8933

I have my supporters and my critics. It’s good to have both because they will keep you balanced if you take on what they are saying objectively. I keep both perspectives in mind and at the same time, keep myself focuses on what is at stake. What is at stake is one, the funds that will hep various groups. Two, the pieces that will help bring smiles to those who see them and three… I’ll finally graduate!

I’m taking the crazy road and that is fine! You take your crazy road and keep going! Check out https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/visual-rhetoric-of-hipstamatic/x/1170885 and show some love!!!

Thank you for reading. Much peace and love to you all. God bless!

Failure is Good


This is a great piece that can help us grow if we feel it.

Originally posted on In Flow:


Failure is inevitably linked with art – and life for that matter. Well, it’s also linked to success if you think about it. To put it a little harshly; if we don’t experience failures it’s because we don’t live – or we don’t create, when talking about arts. And if we don’t dare to make failure we will never succeed, either.

Life and art is about jumping from an airplane without knowing how a parachute really works, but hoping it will. It’s about taking chances, knowing that often they won’t lead to anything – or at «worst» to failure. I use brackets because failures aren’t necessarily bad. On the contrary; you can use them as stepping stones to learn more, to become better next time, to evolve, to grow. In my post Weakness as Potential Strength I wrote: By figuring out where our weaknesses lie, we can take steps to…

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New Poem- Living Colour

New poem for y’all! Please enjoy… Living Colour.

Living Colour

If living my life means living to your comfort,
Let me pass now with dignity.
Let me die with a smile knowing I was true,
That I lived a life fulfilled.
I don’t want to live in your box,
I want to live in the stratosphere!
I don’t want to be looked past,
Because you don’t get my eccentric blast.
I want to live in colour and contrast,
I don’t want to live to just black; white and grey,
Conditioned to seeing my rainbow as a negative.
I want all pigments to blare bright and unapologetic,
Having more than the visible rainbow,
My prism spreading colourful light all around.
Let me live my life in full colour,
Visible and heard by all!
© 2014 KDM
Thank you so much! Have a great day! Much love and peace!

Bears Not Bombs

2014-07-18 12.03.382014-07-19 16.33.362014-07-19 18.18.302014-08-09 13.05.37

If you follow me on instagram at shaggykdm, you’ve probably seen the series with Buddha the Bear and my #bearsnotbombs tags. There is a story to it and I hope  that it might inspire you to join in.

I’m in my mid-thirties and I have teddy bears and other cuddlies (Stoner the sheep, Hello Kitty, a couple of other bears and pups). I am a firm believer in giving teddy bears to comfort others in their times of need, especially kids! There is a lot going on in this world and it makes me sad knowing that there is a kid out there who may not have a cuddle buddy to help them with their stress.

I’ve heard about the Israel/Palestine conflict, the Ebola outbreak in Africa and the crimes against people here in the U.S. for far too damn long. As the child of a retired inner city school teacher, I have heard the stories of those kids and their parents quite often and have always felt some sadness over not being able to help more.

Buddha was bought at a Kohl’s store in Albuquerque because he is a part of the Kohl’s Cares initiative. The initiative donates 100% of the profits from sales on Buddha and his friends to various organizations that helps kids. Find out more about the program at Kohl’s Cares. My friend/lil’ sis thought I was crazy at first, but now, she helps me find places to have Buddha chill at. He’s gone to fashion and art exhibits; hiking in the mountains; had coffee all over and hell, enjoyed pizza with me. He’s a talking point as people stare at me wondering why I carry a bear with me. He has even done a couple of fashion shoots. Check out Monica Duran to see if she still has the pic of them up together.

The reason the tag BearsNotBombs is used is because I would rather see groups drop teddy bears than bombs. Promote peace through the cuddlies instead of fear through metal and other things. I would rather see my money spent on teddy bears going into hospitals to give comfort. Books, bears and music give comfort to kids.

I’m asking you all, to get a teddy bear, photograph your bear (you can be in it too) and use the tag #bearsnotbombs. Let’s find a way to help kids around the world.

If you want to do something awesome, check out

Kohl’s Cares

St. Judes Hospital

Children’s Miracle Network

Make A Wish

Starlight Foundation

Red Cross/ Red Crescent

Toys For Tots


Ronald McDonald House

or… just look at Charity Navigator and find an organization.

Please, do what you can to promote peace via the sweet Teddy Bear! Buddha and I thank you!

2014-07-20 18.13.46

Much love, peace and harmony to you all! Jah Bless!

The Cover Letter! Let’s Talk!

Dear employer who wants an awesome, creative and cool employee who works smart,

I am KDM, a photographer, blogger, video editor and author who is a big tech geek and electronics nerd. I wanted to find a kick butt way of introducing you to ME, a very… open-minded, eccentric (in a very good way) and optimistic person who… wants to work for you! Sure, I figured, I would rather give you something a bit different, something that shows my skill set not just talk about it.
I want you to go into an interactive journey with me via the web. Where you can see my earlier works that aren’t easily definable. These are the articles, the videos/films, the photo shoots, the blogs and other things that I have done that highlight what I can do. They show my potential to grow with YOU! They cover those so-called gaps in my résumé.

Here are examples of my work:

Social Media/Blog and/or Video Work done for and maintained by clients:
Project Grow New Zealand- Blog created & maintained: May/June 2010 http://projectgrownz2.blogspot.com/2010_07_01_archive.html
Artist Allison Lefcort Promo Video- Created: Jan 2011 http://www.allisonlefcort.com/2011_01_01_archive.html
Cass Mitchell Music- Photos/Videos (June and Aug 2012), Tinker EP Artwork (CD and Digital) and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) created/maintained (Aug 2012-April 2013)








Film Editing: Tailed (June 2013) and Low Tide in the High Desert (June 2011)
Low Tide in the High Desert (Director’s Cut)

Tailed (Director’s Cut)










Prints for Sale




Music Videos done for barter with Elevenpm recording studios

One of the videos done during my time with PCL that reflects determination and tenacity. I had a slight fear of heights… now? I want to do more of…

This video is one of my most recent and involves Sacramento Valley Chorus. They are now using one as their home page starting point.



There are a lot of stories that have come from the travels and odd jobs. Each having an example of characteristics that I have developed. The first story of determination and time management comes from the time where I while working at Project Grow, I had to wheelbarrow mulch from a half mile away (one way) back to the yard. I had to get as much mulch as possible in a morning period because we were expecting heavy rain and wind for the next three. We wanted to mulch as many of our seedlings in as we could. In a 4.5 hour period, I cleared 90 percent of the mulch from the place and had it spread on our plants. It started raining as I was dumping and spreading the last load, but I knew the plants would be ok.

Another example of change and time management was getting Cass Mitchell’s EP Artwork done back in Jan so that the CD could be pressed.

20131202-061707.jpg  20131202-061714.jpg
I had to turn the CD cover and CD label artwork quickly (less than a week) and deliver the files via yousendit to the company pressing the CD.

The books… all three and their variations? Came from being determined and doing research about where and how I can get my photography and poetry out to the public. To get the biggest spread possible for the poetry, I used two services (Createspace and Lulu) to help me distribute the works. Blurb distributes both photo books for me. These choices were made after months of research on various blogs and through magazines.

The next story deals with the two film edits. Both Tailed and Low Tide in the High Desert were apart of the Roswell Cosmicon and 7 Day shootout. The shootout had crews shooting scripts that won the scriptwriting contest. The films had to be shot and edited in 7 days (6.5 days really), with an extremely limited budget. To make the task a bit easier, I edited on set! Me, a laptop (mac for Low Tide and Win7 for Tailed), a card reader and a hard drive. The locations of both films made the task quite interesting. Low Tide was shot on a lake and Tailed… had a mix of locations so I had to adjust accordingly. The logistics for both films provided challenges that allowed me to grow. The version of Tailed that is posted above is the director’s cut. There are a couple of differences between it and the festival cut. The main difference is that there were no opening credits in the festival cut because we wanted to get right into the film and make sure we stayed under the time limit.

Both films made the deadline and have gone on to have more success. Both films won the audience award for the festival. Low Tide went on to screen at various film festivals including the Phoenix Film Festival. Tailed is now a web series that we all will hope go further. You can find out more about Tailed at https://www.facebook.com/Tailedfilmseries

The last and biggest story though comes from how I have funded the travel. I sit on whatever money I can, and that can be hard considering I am a gadget geek. I love my gadgets, but I love to travel more. I book photo sessions and video edits when they arise. I also use crowdsource funding! Indiegogo and GoFundMe have been my friends on my adventures. To get people to fund is a task in itself and while I have not raised enough funds to avoid eating packaged ramen, I still have gone for it anyway! My most recent crowdsource campaign is http://www.patreon.com/ShaggyKDM. The effort was made and I have learned from it.

As demonstrated, I am a diverse; creative and eccentric (in a good way) worker who will give you ALL that I can give. I want to show my skills for you. I want to grow in my skills as we all grow together and produce the best product possible, regardless of what the task/field is. Allow me the opportunity to work for you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. You can reach me through the form below!

Thank you for your time and consideration.




New Poem- Puzzle

This is my new poem, Puzzle. Please give feedback and enjoy.


A corner here,
A curved middle there,
This multi-K pieced thing,
We call life,
Has us all joyous and flustered,
At the same time.
Trying to make a complete image,
Difficult to do when there are:
Missing pieces,
Damaged pieces,
No-sense making pieces,
Non-properly fitting pieces,
All of it confusing us to hell.
Leading us
to denial,
to frustration,
Leaving us
Finally accepting,
It’s never truly complete,
Still weird when we die,
Yet we try,
To nearly have complete,
The puzzle,
We know as,
Our lives.

©KDM 2014

Thank you for reading! Much love, peace and joy to you all!

Compassion vs Cold

The question of being compassionate versus cold lays in the back of my mind like a side dish pot on the back burner of a stove during the holidays. Both slowly simmering until ready with the taste of Joy or bitterness.

Deep down I wonder is compassion forged in the fires of multiple situations including cruelty or is it forged in the fires of our upbringing by people who want better for their children and the world in which they grow up.

I would rather be kind and compassionate, not spitting venomous words like a snake striking for a meal or to protect itself.

What makes me sad is that there are some that mistake kindness and compassion for weakness. They figure a person has no backbone when they are kind and compassionate to other beings. I say it is the opposite. I believe that kindness and compassion are signs of strength.

When you can be kind and compassionate in even the most trying of times, you are showing a grace that is beautiful and strong. You are helping someone else see beauty in a difficult situation and that takes an extremely strong person to do it.

I’ve been and am in a situation where yes, I could be extremely cold and calloused. Thing is, I won’t be because 1. It’s not helping anyone and 2. It’s not my nature. Even when folks throw their issues upon me saying that they are my issues, I would still want to be kind and show compassion.

We can be kind and compassionate while still saying “not my monkeys, not my circus.” Be kind and compassionate, yet don’t let your peace be destroyed. Take a moment to smell the flowers, look at the sky and feed critters.


Thank you for reading! Much love, peace and blessings to you all. Peace out!