A New Dawn, A New Day… Love and compassion through Self Love!

Today I start the Self-Love Diet with my fellow Love Warriors. It is a way for us to grow and heal.

Today (the first day)’s prompt is:
I invite you to write a self-love prayer, letter or manifesto and to read it each morning to set your intentions on self- love at the start of each day.

I had a hard time at first writing it, but once I figured out what I wanted to write, it just flowed.
My manifesto/prayer is simple:
Today I am a phoenix reborn, my soul a light with the flames of love given and wisdom gained each day.
I forgive myself today for the anguish I have placed on myself. I forgive myself today for the mistakes I make because they are tools to loving myself through education and strength.
I take today to nurture the flame that is my soul.
I guide myself today with patience, peace and understanding when it comes to myself and others.
I am a woman of peace and love. I am a strong woman who will turn inward instead of outward for love and matters of my heart.
I am a love warrior, using kindness and compassion.
The Force/Universe is with me today!
Today is my day to be the Phoenix that I am!
The Self-Love Writing challenge is a 31 day process is a way for people to discover who they are and who they want to be. Please check it out at Self-Love Writing Challenge. Thank you to the Mineros for doing this.

2015 is going to be a process/system for me in my goal of growing and becoming the best human being, photographer, poet and media person I can be. Being the best has always been something I have strived for, yet I fell short because of self-sabotages that occurred. I didn’t understand why they occurred until I started tracing back through my History and discovering what they were and how they got me to where I am now. I am pulling those roots out and burning them, using the ashes mixed with self-love liquid miracle grow as lessons to becoming the person I want to be.

Make 2015 your best year ever. Know that you are appreciated and loved. Thank you all for reading. Much love and peace to you all! God (whomever you hold that to be) bless.


Closing 2014

We have nine days left of the year 2014 and let me tell you… it’s going to be an interesting nine days. Come to think about it though, all of 2014 has been interesting in mostly good ways. There have been a few meh moments, but for the most part? It’s been good.

2014 has been action packed around here as three books released, nearly 5,000 photos taken and new soundbites created.

Let’s check out the books!

First of the three books introduced you all to my bear, Buddha!




2014-08-03 06.51.11 2014-08-03 09.20.31 2014-08-03 12.29.00 2014-08-03 18.40.54 2014-08-08 07.56.09






Buddha’s been riding me since July and most recently has embarked on some new adventures. His first three months with me though had been so action packed that he wanted his own book.






Buddha’s Adventures is the book about Buddha’s run through central and eastern New Mexico. You can check it out at Amazon, Blurb, Google Play or iBooks.


The second book was a part of my graduate project for the Eastern New Mexico University Department of Communication . It’s titled Hipsta New Mexico. Hipsta New Mexico is a journey through New Mexico via the Hipstamatic apps on iOs. It is a full color book that shows the beauty of the places I have been and people I know here in New Mexico.

Hipster New Mexico Cover ACADEMIC CROPPED

It’s available on Amazon, Blurb, Google Play and iBooks! Grab yours today!

The last book… which was the second book in my graduate project and part two of my project is the newest collection of poetry. Part one was Hipsta New Mexico- book and exhibition and part three was the academic write-up about the project.

The book is titled Burning Bridges of the Delicate and it is… what it is.


It is a bit of a collaborative effort as my friends Caitlin Barnett did the editing and K.C. Peterson did the hand modeling and lighting (I took the photo). Yes, that is a live lighter and it was exploding from usage as we took about 40 shots to get this one. The last shot, the one that blows up the lighter, turns out to be the best shot. LOL!

The poetry itself is darker in tone and a much deeper expression than my earlier book, The ?s 4 Us. Some of the poems featured in Burning Bridges were blog posts here and you can find them by looking at the poetry tags. There are a lot of cool poems in the book. One of my favorite’s is Dreamt Days and Mind’s Lie. Check out Burning Bridges of the Delicate on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Createspace, Google Play, iBooks, Lulu, Kobo, Oyster, Scribd or Smashwords. Use the ISBN’s 978-1500126742 for print and 978-1311873842 for e-book.

Photo wise? Not sure where to start as I initially thought it was going to be a quiet year. I was so wrong!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s a TINY fraction of what has gone on this year! A lot of photos and a lot of fun! It was wild shooting!

The last thing…

Two readings from the book Burning Bridges of the Delicate. Two that… I hope inspire someone.

We’re (not) Sorry


I Am

So yeah… the next few days are going to be interesting. A lot of new ideas are coming and I am just hoping to knock it all out!

Thanks for reading and listening! Check out the books and if you want a print, check out my Twenty20 and Deviant accounts (links are on the right).

Take care, happy holidays, and much love & peace to you all! Bless!

New Poem: Can’t be Capt’n save’em-all

Can’t be Capt’n save’em-all,

if they don’t want to be saved,

serving a dark side that just keeps them,

from seeing the light and hand.


“I’ma goin’ this way,

down the dark stairs,”

they say ignorin’ or fightin’ those

that try to save them each day.


Can’t be Capt’n Save’em-all

if folks are blind to each other’s plight,

they’d rather call it drama,

and totally watch or ignore the fight.


We’d rather bullshit and blame,

turn a blind eye or film on our iPhones,

not trying to intervene,

in saving something or someone.


Can’t be Capt’n save’em-all,

if I can’t be saved myself,

even superheroes need a hand,

They can’t always fight the good fight alone.


Just ask Batman about his Robin,

Xena about her Gabrielle,

takes a two or a village,

to save’em all.


Can’t be Capt’n save’em-all,

if there is nothing to be saved,

darkness falls and people are tired,

letting slip what might have been.


Hands slip,

people weaken,

heroes tire,

couldn’t save’em-all.

©KDM 2014

Censorship in Schools?

It’s banned book week and we are celebrating those books that for one reason or another, end up on that list. Look at Harry Potter for example. It supposedly was one of the most banned in America. Why? Various reasons like some thinking it promoted witchcraft, some thought it promoted supernatural violence. Another book that is on the banned list,  The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, has been rattling cages and was a part of a ban in Dallas that has since, been overturned.
Recently though, a bigger type of ban/censorship has come about and after reading why? All one can do is shake their heads and wonder why are we doing this to our children? Why are we narrowing what views our children have of the world?
The censorship I am talking about is happening with the Jefferson County Schools in Colorado. They claim it is to keep the curriculum in line with academic standards but… what they say in the real proposal? Different story! My friends at ENMU Houndbytes has more on the story.

Buddha’s Adventures and Santa Fe Fashion Week

Insanity was flying as the whole weekend had lots of crazy. Let’s start from Thursday where the lovely book Buddha’s Adventures was published. Buddha from the Bears Not Bombs post, got his own book! Check out Google Play, iTunes, Blurb (PDF) or Amazon and grab yours today!

2014-07-20 18.13.46 2014-08-09 13.05.37 2014-07-18 12.03.38

Saturday… Santa Fe Fashion Week

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Designers Orlando Dugi, Dean Cheek (Coal Miner’s Daughter), Shane R. Hendren, Holly Stults, Sleep Never, Revolution Couture and many more showed their work at Fashion Week. All put on fabulous shows. There was jewelry, swimsuits, lingerie, high-end couture, business wear and much more featured. The models were trained by Model Movement owner Sandy Vautherot. The models came from Los Angeles, Los Crucas, El Paso,  Albuquerque and Santa Fe. They also had their hair and makeup done by Toni & Guy in Albuquerque. It was an exciting evening of color and design.

Check out Santa Fe Fashion Week to find out more.

Thanks for reading! Take care!

The Crazy Creative aka Mental Marathon all the Time

A series of FB posts from one day…
“If one’s work is supposed to speak for itself, the question that comes is… is one’s work loud enough?
Does the work speak volumes to who you are as an artist, a photographer, a literary person (of any form), a broadcaster, or what you pride yourself in doing?
For me, I am wondering… is my work speaking at all or is it drowning in the sea of so many? If so, I better throw that life preserver out to it and give it a damn horn!”

“Bloody hell… my mind is running a super fast Ironman Triathlon and it just will not freakin’ stop. I got so many location ideas for photos and poem ideas. Flashlights, mountains, rivers, pain, anger, joy… the super fast not ending no damn time soon Ironman is being run in my head.”

“I got ten tons of thoughts running through my head. Maybe I am crazy? Maybe I just have too many ideas? Maybe I have too much desire and drive? Maybe… Maybe… Maybe…”

I wrote these as my crazy day (and even crazier mind) went on. When I read them now, I end up with even more questions than answers.

To calm the mind… I did an impromptu photo session. Check it out on Instagram. The things you can do with flashlights and the Hipstamatic apps, I tell ya! It calmed me somewhat but I still saw that my mind was running the marathon. I still had questions, potential answers and ideas about stuff.

All of this made me wonder, how many more creatives out there are like this? How many of us tell people this…


What kind of ideas and questions do these people have? Where does the inspiration come from? Is it joyous or painful? Do they have an idea as to how their creativity came about? Sometimes I debate whether it is cultured in their environment, God (or whoever you believe in) given or a mix of both? What do they create? Do they share those works? Do they feel like they have a constant mental marathon? Do they have crippling self doubt?
The questions go on from there and get deeper!

It’s a lot going on and I just wonder… how do we calm our minds yet create what we do? I feel like I am going crazy because of the constant marathon, but at the same time, I am afraid that it may leave me some day. What about you? Do you feel that way? Do you feel like your creative will go away?

Today is a lot of questions and few, if any, answers. Let me know what you all think! Thanks for reading! Much love and peace to you all!