So I tried to ban myself from Facebook. Lasted about 4 days. It’s cool though! I know I can do it! So, I’ll be off again but auto post will be kicking up still. It’s alright.

How is everyone? What’s going on in your world? As a blogger, I want to know about my readers because it helps tailor writings and ideas. So, if you have an awesome idea… share it! :D I’m off now… am writing my first fiction piece. However, it’s a weird one considering where it is coming from!

Peace out for now!


Lent- Bye Bye Facebook!

I’m not a religious person. I am a spiritual person. I do believe in a higher power and will freely admit that organized religion does bug me. I take bits and pieces from each and mash it up to come up with my spirituality and it works for me.

I do celebrate Lent which may have some folks wonder why and I understand their questioning. It works out as 1. Lent is about sacrifice, 2. spiritual cleansing and 3. finding peace. These three things are very important for one’s spiritual sanity and faith.

Lately, both have been a bit in the toilet and it has been of my own doing.


I am addicted to Facebook. It is a far worse addiction than coffee, booze and anything else I can think of. It’s made worse by the fact that I am an oversharer and sometimes, a troll. It’s been bad to the point where my real life friends have been ignoring me on FB (and in other means). I was sitting and reading a few things and realized how much Facebook has messed me up. The constant need to be on it and live through it was just getting to be too much.

It’s time I take my life back and find my spiritual ground. So, for Lent and probably longer, I am giving up Facebook. I am giving up the direct interaction of logging into Facebook. I still have to deal with my FB linked accounts like Spotify, this blog and others, but the main thing is… FB.

I can give up the main Facebook interaction and that is what I am going to do.

To those who I may have bugged on FB, I am sorry, I meant no harm. I am moving on and reclaiming my life. If you have an FB addiction, it’s time to check it.

Take this quiz and see how you fare.

Check out

and will help you defeat it.

Thank you for reading. Take care and keep strong. Much love and peace to you all! Shalom and As-salamu alaykum (السلام عليكم)!

Keep Going!


This meme speaks volumes for a lot of reasons. I dedicate this post to EVERY SINGLE PERSON out there who is on this tip right now. Folks trying to get ahead, trying to do better and be better yet… get smacked by something. We all are working on doing and being better, but when your check is little or isn’t there at all, it gets scary. This image is real… shit gets real. You sometimes end up singing something  like…

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However, this doesn’t mean to give up. It doesn’t mean to stop pushing. It just means to push on. No matter what, keep going!


That’s all. Just keep going.

Much love and peace to you all. See you on the flip.

Dreams Derailed? Nope, Just a New Path.


I love and do my best to live that quote. I hope others do it too because if they do all that they can do to live the life they love and help others, then they have lived. It’s sad though at the same time because of one thing that it proves, you will ALWAYS have people critiquing and/or questioning your life.

My case? I’m going from photo/video/poetry to electrician. I’ll still create art, but I will do it for fun. Electrician is fun too but it will be my day job. I figured, I can be the best electrician I can be and help change the world. As an electrician, I can help set up those who are in hard conditions get electricity to power their dreams. Solar, Wind and other types of renewable energy can help power villages. If we can get that going and then get people the technology they need to educate and enrich themselves, we have a chance.

With this, I have had people question… why the change? I’m “good” at what I do now. If you have a dream and yet are progressing with what you are doing now… you may get these questions of change too. It’s ok, let them question and talk. Most will be meaningful, some however? No. In those dialogues? Just smile and understand that the person may have something going on in their life. Keep trucking with yours.

It’s a new dream/goal. Something different and just as grand. Find yours and remember


When times get tough… remember the words of WC.


If your dream/goal seems like it isn’t coming…


Keep trucking! Breathe and be bold. I’m still bold… ;) You should be too.


Thanks for reading… check out other posts and be bold! Much love and peace to you all!

World Today

This is my new poem…

World Today

The people are feeling the pain

So they started fightin’ in the Ukraine,

Venezuela and a few others weren’t far behind,

Poor folks got tired with struggling on the grind.

In the U.S.A where I call home,

New school Jim Crow is beginning to roam.

States trying to pass bigotry in a legislative bill,

Causing an uproar and voices screaming for kill.

Some legislatures burnt the motion,

Arizona keepin’ forward in its devotion,

To be the most controversial state,

The one that folks just love to hate.

Sittin’ here seeing the big ass divide,

Caused by GOP and the media who has outright lied.

Now what do we do?

Most sheeple have no clue.

All we do is throw bullshit and blame,

Not aware that we’re just pawns in a game.

So I stand, shout and scream loud,

Hoping that I will bring a crowd,


Else we will be over and through!

©KDM 2014

Thanks for reading! Take care, much love and peace to you all!

KDM’s Cover Letter… THE COVER LETTER!!!


This is my cover letter! I love doing all sorts! Let me know what’s going on? If you’re a techie, let’s talk!

Originally posted on World Evolution in KDM's View:

Dear employer who wants an awesome, creative and cool employee who works smart,

I am KDM, a photographer, blogger, video editor and author who is a big tech geek and electrical nerd. I wanted to find a kick butt way of introducing you to ME, a very… open-minded, eccentric (in a very good way) and optimistic person who… wants to work for you! Sure, I figured, I would rather give you something a bit different, something that shows my skill set not just talk about it.
I want you to go into an interactive journey with me via the web. Where you can see my earlier works that aren’t easily definable. These are the articles, the videos/films, the photo shoots, the blogs and other things that I have done that highlight what I can do. They show my potential to grow with YOU! They cover those so-called gaps in my…

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I Am The Human Experience

I am a daughter; sister; best friend; technologist; artist; poet; nature lover; raver/EDM lover; motorcycle lover and cook but first, I am a human being!!!

One of the things about life is that it is always changing. They say that if you want to make God laugh, make plans. I’ve made plans and things have happened to where those things haven’t happened. It’s ok though, my life is that of the human experience. We make plans, things changes and yet we go on.

I write poetry.


I work as an apprentice electrician.

I do photography.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These things make up who I am but they do not define me.

I am a woman of color and while that influences who I am, it is not all of me.

I am a woman who loves women, that too is a part of me but does not define me.

I do as much as I can to help my Earthly community.

I am one world, one love!

Yet this does not define me on its own.

I am very tall, wear men’s clothes because I prefer comfort and grow hair everywhere (genetics). While others mistake me as a guy, I am not a guy and I do embrace my feminine ways.

These things do not define me… they are a part of me.

What I do and what I accomplish make up a part of who I am. My soul, my body and my mind make up another part of who I am.

What defines me? The whole me. Not the individual elements.

I am human! I am the human experience!

Check out my work at and see my humanity!

Check out my crazy mission of getting to where I want